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Top 10 Reasons Men Should Do Spinning Workouts! (could be one of your 2018 resolutions)

When it comes to Spinning, many guys view it as a feminine workout and “something your wife or girlfriend does on a Sunday morning.” But why? Is it not manly enough? Is it too easy? Ha! Ummm, no… it’s legit for men and women alike.

1) Guy to Girl Ratio – Yes, this is the least good reason, but it’s a pretty good one for a lot of guys. Spinning is a killer cardio workout that comes with a killer ratio of like 4-1 girls per guy. So, if you’re looking to meet some beautiful, but tough girls, why not do it while burning calories? Spinning will make you fitter, faster and flirtier!

2) Big Belly Buster – Does Spinning help you lose weight? Ummm, yes! It is one of the best workouts to keep your weight under control. For a dude a single Spinning class can burn up to 1000 calories, sometimes more! So, shed those extra pounds and stray away from the obesity epidemic by saddling up and clicking in. Plus, since obesity is the leading cause of diabetes, your battling that bad boy too!

3) Blood Pressure Bonker – If you’re looking to reduce your blood pressure or drop the medications, Spinning is one of the most effective drug-free treatments available!

4) Heart Disease Halter – Heart disease is the number 1 killer in America and is responsible for over 30 percent of annual global deaths, making it a widespread concern. Surprisingly, by adopting Spinning into your lifestyle, the risk of heart disease is cut in half and the more you expand your lung and heart capacity, the better chance you have at reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

5) Cancer Crusher – While nothing can completely eliminate the chance of cancer striking, cycling is associated with a substantially lower risk of adverse health outcomes, it also makes a huge difference in the fight against cancer. Spinning is one of the only exercises that’s been proven to minimize the risk of this prevalent disease.

6) Sexy Legs – Say goodbye to “Leg Day”! Instead of cranking out the deadlifts and counting squats, take a Spin class, which primarily targets the legs, gluteus and core muscles!

7) Everlasting Endurance – Building fitness endurance is a huge goal for almost every fitness enthusiast and luckily, it is one of the top benefits of Spinning! By improving muscular and cardio endurance, you’ll increase your strength and cardio performance not only in the studio, but for your daily activities, like “Old Man Basketball”.

8) Joint Juicer – Spinning takes pressure off of the knees and ankles while not taking away intensity from the workout. This is particularly beneficial for men who are still looking to build fitness even when dealing with injury or joint problems.

9) Master of Music – The effectiveness of a workout largely depends on the music and Spinning instructors abide by this rule of thumb. By listening to a variety of music that’s old and new, paying close attention to the beat and Spinning your way through the song, students open their ears to different genres and build a deeper appreciation for music, while also staying up to date on the hottest hit of today!

10) Livin’ Libido Loco – And for the climactic ending… the 10th reason Spinning is definitely gonna make a man out of you is the libido lift! Take, what is clearly, the best cardio workout to increase endorphins, which in turn livens it up in the bedroom. By getting the blood pumping, increasing your stamina, and soaking in this amazing organic high, your libido will be through the roof!

Convinced yet? Bottom line men, if you haven’t tried a Spin class, you’re missing out on some killer cardio exercise that comes with a boat-load of benefits varying from your overall health to your sex life. Spinning provides a co-ed and competitive environment, leaving riders drenched in sweat and working harder than anyone else in the gym men!

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