Considering the current COVID-19 situation, we are temporarily limiting our classes to seven people and are requesting a minimum of 3 bookings for a class to be taught.
Please book your bike in advance using the button "Book Now" on our Facebook page

or through WhatsApp (809 7523 88 06). 


8:30 AM

5:30 PM


9:30 AM
(temporarily cancelled)

Bike rental, free delivery at home in Cabarete

DOP 4,500 / month



DOP 500

DOP 2,000

DOP 3,000


DOP 4,000

Please note: All vouchers (excluding monthly membership) are valid for 6 months.

Vouchers are not transferable and cannot be shared between multiple people.

All vouchers must be paid cash. We do not offer credit. 

What is Spinning?

It is an aerobic exercise that takes place on a specially designed stationary bicycle called (obviously enough) a spinning bike.

As you pedal, motivating music plays and the instructor talks you through a visualization of an outdoor cycling workout: "You're going up a long hill now, you can't see the top yet."

During the class you vary your pace, sometimes pedaling as fast as you can, other times cranking up the tension and pedaling slowly from a standing position. This helps you to focus inwardly and work on your mind as well as your body.

How long is a class ?

Our classes usually last between 40 and 50 minutes. Spinning burns serious calories (about 450 in 45 minutes) and offers an awesome aerobic workout that makes your heart pump fast. It also tones your quadriceps (front thigh muscles) and outer thigh muscles like nobody's business!

And although you follow the general instructions of the spinning teacher, you are in control when it comes to your pace. You can finish a spin class, regardless of your fitness level, simply by adjusting your pace or the tension knob on the bike.

Note that each class ends with a 10-minute stretching session.

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